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Hexagon releases version 7.2.0 of Yokogawa interface

Hexagon is pleased to announce the release of Yokogawa interface version 7.2.0 for PAS PlantState Integrity. 

Enhancements/Fixes include:

  • Updated CAMS OPC AE import
    • Updated processing of specific tracking events where message begins with ‘ACK:User’ as alarm acknowledgement events
    • Now ignore alarm acknowledgements where the message number is 110F
    • Resolved an issue where the Controller Modes Analysis did not detect changes in controller modes [340622]
  • Updated PSS Converted CAMS Historical Files import
    • Adjusted processing of events with a blank tag to match OPC AE import where it uses SourcePlant as the tag name and logs as a system event
  • Updated Centum Project File Complete (CS 3000/VP) import
    • Now set the default hierarchy method to Site.Area.Cell.Unit.Equipment
    • Resolve an issue where incorrect OPC DA addresses were mapped to tag.parameters [328623]
  • Updated ExaQuantum CAMS Events Database with ARA Support import 
    • System events now capture additional columns ( Plant_Hierarchy, Source.Plant, MessageNumber) [216910]
    • Resolved issue where shelved and suppressed alarms were not correctly processed [216885, 216913]

For a complete list of enhancements/fixes, please refer to the Release Notes. This interface is available to all customers current on support with PlantState Integrity 8.8 and above. Please download the software from Hexagon’s Smart Community or contact the Technical Support Team at