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Asset Model Updates - June 2023

The following Asset Models have been released. For a complete list of enhancement/fixes, please refer to the product Release Notes.

For more information about these asset models, create a support ticket through the Smart Community Portal.

Asset Models Released and/or Updated:

ICS Triplex Trusted v1.4.0.0

Enhancements/Fixes Include:

  • Fixed an issue with Hardware and Inventory details that were not being populated in PAS OT Integrity™.

New data collection is Not Required when upgrading to these new versions.

PAS Recon v5.8.0.1

Enhancements/Fixes Include:

  • Fixed import errors. 
  • Fixed an issue with Patch Management not showing applied or required patches. 
  • Improved message in log file for files skipped during processing if they are placed inside the ImportFolder\Temp sub-folder.
  • Proper/Valid details of KB/Windows update can be added to an unnamed Patches record. When PAS Recon is upgraded to 5.8.0, there will be change logs recorded for Patches objects.

New data collection is Not Required when upgrading to these new versions.

Intergraph Smart Instrumentation v1.0.0.6

New Asset Model:

  • Delivered the initial model representing the Intergraph Smart Instrumentation database

This is a NEW asset model and is used to import Intergraph Smart Instrumentation (formerly known as Intergraph INTools). 

PAS Inventory Items v1.14.0.5

Enhancements/Fixes Include:

  • Created New Inventory Item Objects for Siemens TIA Portal.
  • Created New Inventory Item Objects for Rockwell Studio 5000.
  • Fixed an issue with controller inventory with the AB SLC500 asset model. The FW type of one object is now changed to SW. 
  • Fixed an issue with Triconex TS1131 v8.1 inventory not being created in PAS Cyber Integrity® 7.2. 
  • Yokogawa Centum VP asset model now supports redundant processor Inventory.
  • Patches object types from PAS Recon are now removed from the Inventory asset model. No inventory objects will be created for Patches.
  • The Cyber UI endpoints are now fixed for GE Mark VIe asset.
  •  Product column in PAS Inventory updated for Yokogawa Centum VP FF Devices.
  • MAC Address for Yokogawa ProSafe RS are now added in Cyber Integrity UI.
  • For Triconex Inventory, the Controller model 3008 is now part of the Inventory cyber asset.
  • For Recon Inventory, Duplicate Product Items are removed from Inventory Items.
  • Included fix to create Missing Inventory Items for AB ControlLogix.

This release DOES NOT require you to update previously deployed collection scripts.

2023 Asset Model Releases: