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Operations Risk Management: A Comprehensive Approach to Safe Reliable and Profitable Production

Despite billions spent on sophisticated control and safety systems, human error continues to be a major reason for processing industry accidents and incidents. Operations Risk Management (ORM) is a consistent, comprehensive, and automated methodology to address human error and systems issues. You can replace a hodgepodge of undocumented, disconnected and often problematic manual methods with a consistent automated approach covering the following:

  • Control Loop Optimization
  • Effective Operator Intervention
  • Boundary Management
  • Safety Lifecycle Management
  • Automation Asset Management of Change
  • Visualization of Risk via Dashboards

Hexagon brings together all the elements needed to help processing plants achieve a comprehensive approach to operations risk management. Watch this fast-paced webinar for practical advice on each component of a defense-in-depth concept to manage operations risk. You will come away with a plan of action you can begin today.